Sunday, March 6, 2011

I am Back!!! I know I have taken a whole year off from blogging, but I am back. Mostly for my mother!!! I have missed it though and we are excited to be back! We are just going to have to start from now and move forward!!
We had a sleepover with our cousins Brock and Logan and made our own pizzas. Calen thought it was so fun to have a friend over to spend the night.

Gentry and Klair were on their first soccer team this winter and they LOVED it. They had so much fun chasing the ball around and sometimes kicking it. Every Wednesday it was all Gentry could talk about getting to go to soccer.

This was Calen's first day of  primary. He has had a hard time going sometimes but he is starting to like it now.
 Here is Gentry on her first day of her new class and I am not even sure what it is called- that is sad!! She is 5 though!

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Having fun in the snow

Chad trying to stand up but it never worked
We had so much fun this day!! We took the four wheelers out to Chad's parents farm and pulled eachother around. I am not sure who had more fun- the adults or the kids!!